Earth Erotica Fine Art Photography by Heather Firth
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Heather Firth
Heart of Sexuality
Art and inspiration for enlightened loving

Heather Firth - Artist and Sex Educator


Heather Firth's innovative Heart of Sexuality programs invite you to unify body, sex, and spirit. Her keen insights, friendly humor, and extraordinary Earth Erotica photography inspire enlightened loving.

Heart of Sexuality
Programs Include:
Conventional, Therapeutic,
Spiritual, and Adventurous


  • Ask for what you want
  • Talk about sex and love
  • Explore uncharted territory
  • Co-create ecstasy
  • Eros and the nature of desire
  • Pleasure without an agenda
  • Intimacy and sensual elegance
  • Passionate erotic love-play
  • Deeply connected loving
  • Keep sex new and love alive
  • Orchestrate sexual energy
  • Psychosexual power exchange
  • Radical Self respect
  • Honor intuition and emotions
  • Cultivate spiritual energy
  • Devotion to intimate communion

  • "Like Earth, we receive the gift of life through an act of Divine creation. From birth to death the vital force of sexual energy is a primal influence. Understanding the synergistic harmony of love, sex, and spirituality is fundamental to a happy life."
    — Heather Firth

    An invitiation to love:
    Heather's original teachings integrate all aspects of sexuality with communication mastery and Self-realization.

    Welcome to a comprehensive adventure into the art of loving.

    Heather's Sexuality Definitions:
    Conventional: Heart-connected intimate pleasures Therapeutic: Practical solutions for sexual concerns Spiritual: Coupling sexuality with Divine energy Adventurous: Taboo realms of pan-sensual eroticism

    Heather provides positive guidance for women, men and couples seeking personal well-being and relationship enrichment. Individuals and couples experience new heart-openings and receive specific suggestions guaranteed to enhance your love life.


    * Love is realized in a heartbeat.

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